Lessons in Dating from Downton Abbey’s Mary Crawley


So many suitors, so little time.

Ladies and gents of the 21st century can learn a thing or two about the rules of courtship and romance from the hit British period drama, Downton Abbey.
Lady Mary Crawley, Downton’s no-nonsense suitor magnet, has no qualms about making her love interests earn the honor of her time and affection. Take a cue from Lady Mary and you may be surprised to find just how timeless some rules are – no matter what the century.

Here are the top three relationship lessons we can learn from Mary.

(*Warning: Spoiler Alert)


Lesson 1

Don’t let a past mistake keep you from moving on.


In the show’s first season, we see Mary involved in a scandalous midnight escapade with handsome Downton visitor Kemal Pamuk, which of course, had quite the tragic ending. While initially devastating, we eventually see Mary recovering, learning and moving on to fall in love with Matthew Crawley. Of course, doing this with the utmost of poise, style and grace doesn’t hurt.


Lesson 2

Allow yourself time to heal before rebounding.


Season four’s finale left us hanging as Mary contemplates if she’s ready to open her heart to another so soon after Matthew’s death. Potential suitors, Lord Gillingham and James Blake both made their interest in Mary clear and now she must make a decision. This decision, however, is something Mary is taking her time with – a whole season’s worth of time. Wise move, Mary. Giving it some time to heal and be 100% ready is well worth it before rushing into another relationship.


Lesson 3

Let yourself be pursued.


Dating etiquette has come a very long way over the past 100 years, but some ideals are timeless and can still apply to the modern dating scene. Mary lets herself be pursued by men who are adamant in winning her heart. She even throws in a bit of a challenge because nothing worth having is obtained too easily, and Mary knows this. Call it old-fashioned, but nothing compares to the man who puts in an earnest effort to chase the woman he loves.




Moments of My Week…the Good, the Bad, and the Random.

1. Running into my ex at the grocery store.

Just awkward.

Just… awkward.


2. Finishing a season of a show I’m hooked on, but having to wait until next year for the new season to come out.

Seriously, it's WAY too long to wait.

I guess I’ll catch up on my reading now?


3. Winning a pair of free movie tickets.

Heck yeah! Movies rock.

Heck yeah! Movies rock.


 4. Realizing I’m going to be a homeowner soon.

God is good!

God is good!


5. Realizing how much I need to get done by moving day.

So much to do, so little time!

So much to do, so little time!


6. Having my car battery die twice, and making two trips to Toyota…in one day.

It was a VERY long day...

It was a VERY long day…


7. Seeing the same clothing item I bought at full price last week, now on sale.

It's just not right.

It’s just not right.


8. Being SO happy it’s Friday!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

The Blog about Nothing…and Everything

I’d like to think if Seinfeld had a blog in the 1990’s ( if blogs had existed then), it would go a little something like what I’m trying for here. I tend to write about things at random…anything and everything goes!

Special shout to Seinfeld for making the normal, mundane, eccentric, quirky and humorous things about daily life something worth writing about.

Clearly, they are excited about reading my blog ;-)

Clearly, they are excited about reading my blog.